First Instrument Enters Development

First Instrument Enters Development

It took some time to decide on which product to pursue for our first offering.  There were so many ideas on the table - some of them sweeping in complexity and substantial in their required development efforts.  But we kept coming back to the one idea that started us down this path - something beautiful in its simplicity and overlooked by other offerings: a truly unique and organic noise library.

Noise comes in many flavors - even a neophyte audio engineer or synth enthusiast will be familiar with white, pink, or even brown noise.  These color-coded descriptors are attributed to the frequency distribution of the randomness being generated, and are mostly utilitarian in their application.  But the vast remainder of the color spectrum is left unexplored - noise exists in nature, in industry, in the background radiation of the universe... even our physiological systems have inherent noise - if you stand inside an anechoic chamber long enough, you will hear the pulsing of your blood vessels in the absence of external noise, as your ears act as organic compressors with program-dependent thresholds.

And so, we've chosen to pursue this palette of noise not just because we feel it's an expansive playground worthy of exploration; choosing it as the launching-point for musique boutique is also a statement.  An opening salvo that reverberates with echos of what we aim to represent, and the essence of what inspires us: Noise as Art.  We can't wait to immerse you in our synesthete dream, to be awash in sound - to dive ears-first into a Noise Bath.

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